Hardwood flooring, tile flooring, and other tile work

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When you want to upgrade your home, contact KC Renovations for all your trim work or tile work. Choose from a wide assortment of trim work design options that use only the highest quality materials to guarantee your satisfaction. Your interior trim work may include crown molding installation, or door trim that will add beauty and distinction to your home. KC Renovations provides expert upgrades that make any home improvement a work of art.



Whether you are looking for a pop of color and sophistication in kitchen tile, bath tile, or wall tile, we have the trim and tile options that are right for you. Select from options such as slate, travertine, porcelain, ceramic and more. With growing popularity for outdoor living areas, tile work is also great for outdoor renovations.


Hardwood Floor

A new floor is among the most enduring investments a homeowner can make in any room. With its classic look, nothing warm ups a room like hardwood flooring. This warmth, together with hardwood floor durability, has earned hardwood flooring the distinction of being one of the favorite flooring choices.

When you choose KC Renovations as your hardwood floor contractor, our professional team expertly handles all your needs, including hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor repair, and hardwood floor refinishing.

As an experienced contractor, we help you choose the options that fit your lifestyle and values. Whether you’re laying a wood floor in a new house, or replacing one that is damaged beyond repair, your choices are endless.

Your hardwood floor installation also comes with a choice of widths, from rustic wide planks to the more traditional narrow strips. A variety of stain colors for your hardwood floor refinishing project further give you the ability to tailor your floors to your house style and preferred décor.

A hardwood floor is natural, hypoallergenic and long-lasting. For many years, your hardwood floor will continue to be a sign of quality in your home!

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