Deck building and remodeling

Deck additions = Home Value! Luxury! Stay-cations!

Remodeling your wood deck can be a great way to rejuvenate your outdoor living space, add value to your home, and update your home’s entire look. Instructions for tackling your own deck remodel without the help of professionals are readily available. But why go DIY? Labor constitutes 50%-60% of typical project costs, so remodeling your deck yourself can certainly save money in the short term. However, depending upon your exact deck needs, attempting to remodel your deck yourself could cost you more than you think it will.


Understanding your deck remodel plan

First, think about your needs and wants. Does your deck require a full remodel, an addition, or just a bit of maintenance? Would you like to update your deck’s look to keep up with changing styles? Or do you love your deck as it is, but just want it to look new again? We can accommodate any of the above!

Having a very clear understanding of the scope of the project will enable you to decide who should do the work.


Time commitment for a deck remodel

A deck remodel may sound like a fun weekend project, but even a simple-looking wood deck can be deceptively complex. Estimates with just a 12×24 foot elevated deck with a staircase and railing will take even an experienced professional a considerable amount of time.

A qualified deck-building professional has the experience necessary to remodel a deck using the correct materials to build to code. A pro will provide you with a project timeline, and will have access to the resources necessary to keep the project on schedule. In addition, a pro will have experience in handling project hiccups, such as uncovering dry rot or discovering sinking deck footing, without letting the timeline get too far off track. If common problems like these arise, having a professional on the job could mean the difference between having a finished deck in time for summer, and having a money pit that gets stalled until the following year.


Deck Remodel permits

If your remodel constitutes anything more major than a simple sanding and refinishing, you may need a construction permit to do it legally. Obtaining a permit involves calling your local building department or municipal offices to learn which permit(s) your project will require. Then you’ll need to fill out your permit applications and submit them to the building department, along with a copy of your construction plans, a property survey, and a filing fee. You’ll need to accomplish all of this before you begin your project. You could do this yourself and struggle over that learning curve, or you can leave it to a pro, like KC Renovations, who is already very familiar with the process.


Safety is a must with deck remodels

Hiring a pro to do your deck remodel can help you avoid or fix many common DIY deck-building problems that will make even a new deck unsafe. These include improperly spaced railings, or insufficient drainage systems. Even a deck that was originally constructed by a pro should be professionally screened every year for safety and code requirements. Rain, sun, wind, and other environmental stress can take their toll on even a well-made deck and cause serious problems.

We offer several types of deck materials for your budget and are very competitive in Kansas City.


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