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Who we are

People always say to dream big...

Hi, we're Scott Clifton and Doc Burns, and dreaming big is exactly what we did. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but the easily achievable is rarely worth striving for! Our friendship, construction experience, and business knowledge aided us in the road to success. Scott began flipping houses in 1982, and in 2002, met Doc Burns. Our journey together began that day in 2002, and we began flipping old houses as a team in the Kansas City area. We quickly became the largest and most successful REO flippers in the metro. Even when the market crashed, we still stood tall. As our knowledge and experience grew, so did our business and our thirst for success. We built an incredible team of experienced and knowledgeable people, and in 2007, KC Renovations Inc was established. Through this journey, we have observed the failures of other businesses, and we have realized why the others often fail. It is a lack of attention to detail, poor customer relations, and rushing through projects to earn faster profits. We know that those strategies are not the key to success. We know what it takes to succeed. Passion for home building, strict attention to detail, lasting customer relationships, and the absolute highest craftsmanship standards! These rules are what have brought KC Renovations to it's golden reputation today. We never gave up on our dreams, and because of that determination, KC Renovations Inc has grown into one of the most experienced companies in remodeling and 203k renovation and construction projects in the Kansas City area. We built our dream from the ground up. Now, we're eager to help you build yours! So dream big, Kansas City! Contact us today to get started on your journey to a bigger dream, a better home, and a brighter future.

What we do

KC Renovations is a full-service remodeling and new residential construction company. We do small jobs and up to $800,000 and we are a leader in home style and construction loan projects. We are "Class A" licensed and insured, offering over 200+ years of combined experience! We have billed out over 11,000 jobs in the KC area and that number is growing every day. With highly experienced crew members, we offer quality work at a competitive price, and with most of our business from referrals, you can be certain that customer satisfaction our number one goal! Unlike other contractors, we offer free estimates, and in most cases, we do not charge an upfront fee to start the job! Our Superintendent, Randy Schlecht, will keep you informed and at ease with your project from beginning to end, while our Project Manager Dan Waratuke will create the perfect plan to fit your vision. Call us today to learn more.
< class="a13ree-written-headline" data-speed="40" data-loop="0"> our motto is that our customers are the key to our triumph! Growth! Expansion! Victory! Prosperity! Success!

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What we offer

From small jobs to total renovations, we do it all!

Kitchen & Bathroom

Our team of Kitchen and Bathroom design professionals are a leader in the industry, setting a higher standard in bathroom and kitchen design and renovation. With an extensive background in successful turnkey services, KC Renovations can create a beautiful, affordable, unique design for you and your family. By staying current with the latest trends, KC Renovations continues to provide clients with the best of the best.

New Residential building

Building custom single-family homes is what we do best. After creating one-of-a-kind designs that are tailored around your needs for over three decades, we know what it takes to create a truly dynamic single-family home. And since fine-tuning our processes to always deliver the highest quality homes, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Over the past 30+ years, we have developed a number of floor plans that are signature to our high-quality designs. From ranch styles, to 2-story homes, reverse 1.5 story homes and story & half houses, we do floor plans the right way.

Hardwood and tile

When you want to upgrade your home, contact KC Renovations for all your hardwood floor needs, trim work, or tile work. Whether you are looking for a pop of color and sophistication in kitchen tile, bath tile, or wall tile, we have the trim and tile options that are right for you. A new floor is among the most enduring investments a homeowner can make in any room. With its classic look, nothing warm ups a room like hardwood flooring. This warmth, together with hardwood floor durability, has earned hardwood flooring the distinction of being one of the favorite flooring choices.

Paint and Drywall

Framing, drywall installation, drywall finishing, fireproofing drywall, interior painting, exterior painting, you name it, we do it all. We have an established reputation for on-time and on-budget performance, quality workmanship, and most importantly, satisfied clients. Whether your construction needs are large or small, whether they involve new construction, remodeling, or renovation work, you can rely on KC Renovations to get the job done right.


The process of finishing or remodeling your basement can seem daunting. This is why selecting the right partner is so important. With over 20 years of experience behind us and a team of expert consultants, Kc Renovations can help you every step of the way. We take pride in our reputation for exceeding client expectations by listening to your vision, creating designs specific to your needs and budget, and providing expert consultations. We manage the project from start to finish, keeping your comfortable and informed the entire way.


Hiring a pro to do your deck remodel can help you avoid or fix many common DIY deck-building problems that will make even a new deck unsafe. These include improperly spaced railings, or insufficient drainage systems. Even a deck that was originally constructed by a pro should be professionally screened every year for safety and code requirements. Rain, sun, wind, and other environmental stress can take their toll on even a well-made deck and cause serious problems. We offer several types of deck materials for your budget and are very competitive in Kansas City.

We also do windows, roofs, HVAC, plumbing, And so much more! Call us to learn more.