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Q: I am an investor interested in renovating several homes. I am interested in KC Renovations' services. How can I get more information, or speak to someone about becoming a client?

A: Thank you for your interest in KC Renovations! We are Kansas City's premier bank owned property experts. Please click here to submit a request for information, and our team will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Q: What is Property Preservation?

A: Property preservation is the actions taken to preserve and protect a property. The act of property preservation is intended to prevent or lessen deterioration of the property that may result from vacancy or abandonment.

Q: What types of actions are involved in property preservation?

A: Routine services will include grass cutting, changing locks, boarding or replacing broken windows, repairs, security, etc. These problems may have been found during a scheduled inspection. Please click here to review our bank services that we offer.

Q: What does a property preservation inspection consist of?

A: That would depend on the type of inspection. There are five different types of property preservation inspections:
  •     * Occupancy Inspection
  •     * Initial Vacant Property Inspection
  •     * On-going Vacant Property Inspection
  •     * Voluntary Pre-conveyance Inspection
  •     * Pre-eviction Inspection

Q: So who is it that performs these inspections and services?

A: The mortgagee is responsible for insuring that these inspections are performed. Usually, this work will be subcontracted to a company that specializes in performing these types of services by an REO agent.